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One might wonder why we, and the other freedom fighters, are putting so much effort into ending prohibition. One might wonder if the topic deserves to be unearthed, since our society seems to be plugging along alright despite nearly a century of general prohibition.

Here's just a few of the reasons why it really matters that we make a change, and that we make that change as soon as possible.

  • People are being killed by the War on Drugs. Like any war, this one has its share of casualties. Unlike most wars, the vast majority of them are innocent bystanders, such as the missionaries shot down in Peru. Over-zealous police take sting operations too far. And don't forget the drug users themselves - adulterants in otherwise safe drugs are the cause of numerous deaths each year.
  • More people are being hurt by the War on Drugs. From a ravaged environment to sufferers of diseases that can be treated with currently illegal medicines, to non-violent offenders incarcerated for drug offenses, millions are suffering worldwide as a result of poor drug legislation. Each day that passes is another day that those people suffer.
  • It's a colossal waste of money and other resources. The US spends nearly $20 billion dollars on the drug war each year, despite the fact that drugs like marijuana and Ecstasy are more popular now than ever. View the drug war clock for a better idea of how rapidly we are throwing money away.
  • It is subverting our freedom. In pursuing the War on Drugs, the US government not only restricts what we can put in our bodies, but keeps us from practicing our religion, forces law-abiding citizens to undergo unwarranted searches, and has even tried to censor free speech. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. This time, those that would subvert our personal freedoms do so claiming that it's for our own good. To them we say: There is no "good" which outweighs the value of freedom itself.