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Neoteric is intended to present matters in a new light that you, and other readers, may not have previously considered. Our desire is not to bend you to believing the same things we believe. Rather we want to encourage you to think for yourself and draw your own conclusions. The data on these pages is a summary of the cultural phenomenon of drug use; enough to spark your interest. The resources linked to here will get you started on your own research, and if you discover something that you think bears inclusion on this site, don't hesitate to contact us and let us know.

The links are organized into categories for your convenience:

  • Documents and essays regarding drug use in various cultures, legal ramifications, history, civil rights, and more.

  • Research and studies on the physical and mental effects of various drugs, as well as statistics on their place in our society.

  • Activism groups and resources for getting involved.

  • Information about drug use, both legal and otherwise. Being a safe and responsible drug user is of vital importance.