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In Touch with the Masses

The media has grown to be a wonderful and powerful tool for the sharing of information and ideas amongst a great body of people. Magazines, newspapers, and TV are used by prohibitionists to further their cause; there is no reason that we, as neoteric thinkers, shouldn't do the same. We, however, will refrain from spreading propaganda and misinformation, and instead simply present facts and invite open and honest debate.

No-Cost Publicity

Newspapers and magazines offer an excellent way for individual citizens to voice their ideas through what is normally called "Letters to the Editor." Generally they are a response to articles run by that publication in the recent past, but sometimes they will print letters that simply voice an opinion about a recent event.

The Media Awareness Project is a network of individuals who "newshawk" printed publications and post the articles in a centralized database. They offer a "MAP Alerts" mailing list, which sends out occasional calls for its readers to send responses to important media articles. They offer letter-writing guides, sample letters, and a database of their letters that have been printed. This is an excellent resource and highly recommended for the concerned citizen.

More generally, however, the procedure for writing letters to the editor is simple. When you see an article in a publication, write a brief letter (through email or postal mail) expressing your take on the issues contained within. Your first letter may not get published, but if you write one every so often, eventually it will. And unpublished letters may still provide support for other, similar letters that do get published.

Another good way to share your thoughts with a wide audience is to call in to radio shows. Drugs are a not uncommon topic on talk radio these days; when you hear it, grab the phone and put in your two cents.

Buy Your Way In

The US government expends billions of dollars each year fighting the War on Drugs. A good portion of this goes into advertising dollars. From bus-stops to billboards to TV commercials, anti-drug ads are so ubiquitous that most of us don't even take notice of them anymore. What's more, the government has even paid TV networks to include anti-drug themes in popular TV shows.

Although it's much more difficult to purchase ad space for non-prohibitionist ideas, it is still possible. Some excellent groups, such as Change the Climate and NORML have managed to get transit and magazine ads displayed in many prominent locations and publications.

On a smaller scale, the classifieds of local newspapers generally offer free or low-cost text-only ads, and relatively low-cost graphic advertising. Neoteric is current pursuing this route, in a hope of awakening the many US citizens who are against the War on Drugs, but are uncertain what to do about it.