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Although Neoteric is currently focused on the issue of our society's approach to drugs, our greater purpose is to expand minds and help members of our species come to grips with new ideas and new ways of thinking. The first step to enlightenment in knowledge. This is why the Internet one of the most important developments in the history of mankind - the free flow of information and knowledge, not controlled by any one entity or guided by any single set of principles.

Unfortunately, good hosting can be hard to come by. Many informative web pages are forced to reside on "free" servers like Geocities, which really aren't free at all - you pay with you (and your readers') attention, screen real estate for banner ads.

That's why we are offering free hosting to low-bandwidth pages that add useful content to the Internet and improve, in some small way, the knowledge of the human race. All we ask in return is a link back to the main page of the site (hey, we never claimed to be entirely altruistic).

Pages currently hosted:
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