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History of Drugs in Society

Almost every culture and society that has existed on this earth has had a place for drug use amongst its people. Studying these cultures is an excellent way for us to craft our thinking about how drug use can fit into our culture today. It's easy for us to study these cultures in a distant and detached way, and thus we are more likely to draw conclusions that are based on the facts rather than emotion.

Find out how the US outlawed certain drugs in the first place, and how they bullied every other country into doing the same.

Shamans and priests of many religions have used psychoactive drugs to aid in their pursuit spirituality.

Alcohol prohibition in the United States during the 1930's is a potent illustration of how complete prohibition doesn't work.

Hippie culture in the United States and elsewhere allows us to see how psychedelic drug use amongst a large portion of the population can affect a society.

The War on Drugs rose to the frenzied peak of its popularity and national awareness in the 1980's.

Rave and club culture appears in the mid-1990's, borne on the shoulders of a generation raised on "Just Say No" and DARE.