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Ecstasy, the slang name for MDMA, is a poor label for the drug. In fact, Ecstasy invokes feelings of compassion, love, understanding in its users. A more appropriate (but less marketable) name is 'Empathy.'

Did you know:

  • Ecstasy was used in the field of psychotherapy for 25 years prior to being made illegal in 1985. Therapists were astounded at its ability to aid in healing traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, and as a general tool for self-realization.
  • When the government decided to make MDMA illegal, a federal judge delivered a Finding-of-Fact stating that Ecstasy belonged in Schedule III. The DEA ignored the research and the FoF with their typical arrogance and made it Schedule I, where it remains today.
  • Although the media and the government alike make many wild claims about Ecstasy-related deaths, most of these are fictitious or imagined. A very small number (you can count them on one hand) of MDMA-related deaths have occurred, and most of those are caused by overheating or mixing MDMA with drugs such as MAO inhibitors. By this account, Ecstasy is quite a bit less dangerous than activities such as downhill skiing (estimated 50 deaths a year) or taking aspirin (estimated 500 deaths a year).
  • Use of Ecstasy has seen unprecedented growth. Based on pill seizure statistics, we estimate that approximately 20 million people have used the drug! That's one in ten American adults.

Love and Empathy, Greeted by Hate and Fear

It's ironic that the prohibitionists are attacking Ecstasy with tactics of fear, malice, and terror, because Ecstasy itself represents love, understanding, respect, courage, and compassion. Every weekend, millions, well-adjusted adults from all walks of life use this substance to learn to be at peace with themselves and others. The DEA battles this "threat" with all their might for - what reason? It's unclear, and in fact, they themselves have no idea why they do it. It's an emotional response, a holy war that has long since lost any pretense of logic or reason.