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Themes in Chemical Prohibition

Reverse Psychology Makes Sense of the Drug War

What If All Drugs Were Legal? by Harry Browne, Former Presidential Candidate

Effective Drug Control Strategy

The Case of Drug Legalization and Decontrol in the United States

The War on Drugs: An Impossible Dream

Crime and the Drug War: The Politics of Hysteria

Drugs Are Bad; The Drug War Is Worse

Thinking About Drug Legalization

End the War on Drugs

America's Drug War

Who's Who in the Drug War

Crime and the Drug War

The Prohibitionist's Burden

A Quagmire for Our Time

Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed, and What We Can Do About It, by Judge Jim Gray

U.S. Drug Warriors Stand Alone


Shaffer Library of Drug Policy

Drug War Facts

Sensible Solutions to the Urban Drug Problem