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At Neoteric, our goal is not to spread propaganda supporting our views, or even (necessarily) convince anyone that our take on things is the right one. This is the approach that most prohibitionist literature and advertising takes, and for us to do the same would make us no better than them. Instead, we only want people to consider some matters that have been taken for granted for far too long. That's why we call it "Raising Awareness" - most people don't even know that there's a debate about these subjects at all, let alone that we are currently in the midst of the largest civil rights movement in forty years.

It's an interesting and intellectually stimulating topic, but there's a reluctance to speak openly about it thanks to nearly a century of fear-generating propaganda spread by prohibitionists. Like any important question, however, the first step is to discuss it honestly and openly. Here's a few places you might raise the question.

  • Discuss amongst friends and family. Pose questions such as, "Why is alcohol, a dangerous and addictive substance, legal, while marijuana, which is safe and non-addictive, illegal?"
  • Online discussion: email, message boards, mailing lists, and chat rooms. One of the advantages to online communication is that you may remain completely anonymous, if you're nervous about discussing the issue in person.
  • Protest drug tests. If a drug test is required from you at your place of work, you should not refuse, but make sure to let your employer know that drug testing is a severe invasion of privacy and a violation of your civil rights.

Most Americans don't realize the huge number of their fellow citizens who have used or currently use illegal drugs. Largely this is because users are so secretive, as they are afraid to let their purportedly sinful behavior become known for fear of being looked down upon. Few of these users are aware they they are not alone. Government studies estimate that 15 million Americans have used illegal drugs in the past 30 days. If you're in the 18-20 agegroup, more than 20% of your peers are using illegal drugs!

The next step to a broader raising of awareness is through the media.