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A Dangerous Drug

Alcohol is a physically harmful, habit-forming drug which is known to produce violent and egotistical behavior in its users. It causes an estimated that over 100,000 deaths are caused in the United States each year. And drunk driving is involved in 1/3rd of all automobile accidents.

By all rights it belongs in Schedule I of the DEA's controlled substances list. Yet it is fully legal, and no drug prohibition supporters are spending any effort on outlawing it.

Been Down That Road Before

Alcohol prohibition lasted over a decade in the United States. It was deemed a dismal failure and repealed. And so today, we have a staggering hypocrisy, in which users of one drug (alcohol) can go out and purchase it in government-sanctioned establishments, despite the fact that its use very often leads to bar fights, rape, and drunk driving deaths.

If you allow for the possibility that alcohol can be used responsibly and without leading to the destruction of modern civilization, then it stands to reason that safer, non-addictive drugs such as Ecstasy and LSD can be a part of our society in the same way. Marijuana already is nearly as common as drinking, despite our outdated laws.