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Prohibition Myths and Drug Facts

Find out what the government doesn't want you to know about Ecstasy, marijuana, or alcohol. And learn a few of the tricks that the prohibitionists have been using to pull the wool over our eyes.

History of Society & Drugs

Drugs (both legal and illegal) are a huge part of our society today. But we're not alone; drug use has been an important part of many cultures, dating back thousands of years. Psychoactive drugs have traditionally been used for religious purposes, but have also found their way into popular culture both past and present.

Civil Rights

Drug use is an issue of civil rights. The fighting for freedom to control our own bodies is strikingly similar to issues of racism, sexism, and other civil rights struggles in the last century. And you may be surprised to learn just how closely the War on Drugs is tied to racism in the past, and disturbingly, in the present.

Take Action!

Take a little time to help change our world for the better. We've got a few quick, easy, and satisfying ways for you to get involved right away - from raising awareness, to using a simple web-based form to send a letter to your government representative.

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